All Khazma Aluminium Windows and Doors are covered by 7 years warranty.

Quality is of the upmost importance at Khazma Aluminium, we strive to deliver the best innovative products on the market. At Khazma Aluminium any product that leaves the warehouse has to be perfect and has to be extremely unique. An effort must be made to ensure the product is the best for the customer and that the customer is very satisfied upon receiving the product.

The team at Khazma Aluminium is committed to servicing the customer with all the requirements they may need for their project whether small or large. Our commitment ensures the customer receives the right details concerning their project in order for them to make the right decisions when selecting the correct aluminium window & door type that would best suit their project.

With the experience and knowledge that Khazma Aluminium has maintained over its years of operations one must come and visit our showroom and meet the team who try very hard to make the customers journey with Khazma Aluminium as honest and stress free as possible.

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