Curtain Wall – 419 Flushline – Single Glazed or Double Glazed

CW150 Curtain Wall

Aluminium Curtain Wall – 150mm Pocketed System

The CW150 Curtain Wall has been developed to provide a robust and flexible Curtain Wall solution for small to mid-sized curtain wall projects. While targeted at buildings up to a nominal 10 stories high, due to its superior design it may be used on larger projects depending upon wind loads.

Key features of the CW150 is the strict AS4284 testing regime and the co-development of building and mullion brackets allowing the CW150 to be installed as a fully tested system without having to independently engineer brackets for each project.

Another key feature is the integration of sun shading directly into the Curtain Wall system without sacrificing structural or water performance. Proprietary brackets have been designed to allow the fitment of vertical or horizontal sunshade directly on the mullions (not compatible with structural mullions).

Being based upon the AGS 419 150mm DG Flushline, it also offers compatibility with a broad range of operable products in the AGS family.

Features & Benefits

  • 150mm x 75mm frame
  • Forward positioned glazing pocket gives a clean and modern external appearance
  • Double glazed as standard with single glazed and spandrel options using inlay beads
  • Structurally glazed vertical mullions available
  • Can incorporate proprietary sun shade brackets integrated into the frame without sacrificing structural or water performance
  • Proprietary building brackets provide for a fully tested system
  • Compatible with 419 150mm DG framing system providing a consistent look across your project
  • Designed and tested as a wet glazed panellised system to AS4284. If AS2047 is specified, may be installed dry-glazed and non-panellised.

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