900 Sliding Door

900 High Performance Sliding Door

Aluminium Sliding Door – 900 High Performance

The cutting edge AGS 900 Series Sliding Door represents the latest generation of commercial door development.

Specifically designed to deliver unrivalled performance and design flexibility, the AGS 900 Series Sliding Door is capable of panel sizes up to 3000mm in height, and 2500mm in width. Multi-stack configurations are available and this product has been tested to meet cyclonic requirements. Incorporating high quality hardware including heavy duty double wheel rollers and various locking options, the AGS 900 Series Sliding Door is proving extremely popular on many landmark commercial and residential development projects.

For enhanced thermal comfort and performance, both thick and double glazing is possible incorporating insulated glass unit up to 26mm in thickness.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra high performance design
  • Suited to almost any commercial or architectural application
  • Extended product limitations for large configurations
  • Tested to cyclonic requirements High performance roller hardware
  • Standard and multi-stack configurations of up to 6 panels
  • May be internally or externally screened

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